What We Do

Our Search Process

Understand and develop a job specification that is agreed and approved by the client.

Development of a Long List on companies from where we will source and recruit candidates.

Short listing the prospective candidates from the Long List and, at the same time, identify prospective candidates from our database and also through our networking with candidates.

Conduct telephone interview with short listed candidates.

Invite qualified and interested candidates for a face-to-face interview and prepare a detailed assessment on each of the short listed candidates.

Submit detailed assessment and resume of the short listed candidates to the client.

Arrange for the best mode of Interview with client.

Conduct separate debrief session with client and interviewed candidates.

Facilitate the compensation and benefits negotiation process.

Conduct reference checks on the candidate.

Manage and communicate to candidate the client’s offer.

Prepare successful candidate to transit to new job.

Follow up with Client and Candidate within 6 months of commencement of work to monitor the progress of the candidate and to assist in handling any issues that may arise.

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